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DJ Cutz M

Cutz M born and raised in the Bronx, has taken his skills from early house parties to the scene of NYC trendiest parties. Certified and a graduate of NYC Scratch Academy, Cutz M brings a diverse sound to each set he plays. However transitioning from DJ to business entrepreneur is a daily grind. As CEO of Team Tell a Friend, Cutz M manages a solid marketing team which he incorporates into his promotional events. In the past few years, CutzM has been circling the Tri-State area making a name as one of the most diverse DJs on the scene. Set on being more than a local talent, Cutz M has his plans on club venues in Miami, Los Angeles and Washington DC for summer 2017. Recently he has released several mixtapes and features a steady stream of mixes on There is no genre that is safe from an epic Cutz M mix. With a clean scratch style and smooth blends, the mixes are always flawless.