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New York City’s Dj J!M, has been passionate about music since very young. Born in Guayaquil, Ecuador, where music is part of every celebration. He started to mix music at only 9 years old while adapting to his new home NYC, and when he was 14 he began recording his own mixes.  At the age of 16, he began hosting party events, while still in high school. In 2015 the events became larger and more popular. Since 2016, he can be found in Times Square, as one of the exclusive DJs of Sunglasses Hut. Downtown Manhattan, an area where people from all around the world meet, he studies different styles and types of music, to satisfy a very diverse crowd.

​His biggest influence is his uncle who used to be a mobile DJ who rocked out parties and made him start to dream about becoming the best DJ in the world.

He has entertained crowds in very exclusive events, one event in particular, he will always remember; playing at PS. 117, an elementary school in Jamaica Ave. in Queens, New York because bringing joy to the kids validated his passion for DJing.

DJ J!M enjoys creating an energetic environment; he loves to see people happy, enjoying the moment. On rough/tough days, he plugs in his earphones and let his mind re-balance. Music is his escape from anything negative.