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Bounty Killer And Busy Signal’s Latest Collaboration, “Bang Bung,” Will Feed Your Soul

Written by on July 30, 2021

Busy Signal’s latest track featuring Bounty Killer “Bang Bung” delivers the hard-hitting, high-energy vibes hardcore dancehall fans have been longing for.


Legendary dancehall deejay Bounty Killer celebrated his 49th birthday on June 11, yet, it was fans who received a much-needed gift in the form of a hot new song, “Bang Bung.”

Produced by Gorilla Music Source the vibe of “Bang Bung” is reminiscent of dancehall songs from the late ’90s and early aughts. In fact, throughout the track, Bounty Killer is heard shouting some of his most popular catchphrases like “Level,” “Cross,” and “Yahlo,” which fans of the Warlord will know represent a distinct era in his career.

“When you hear yahlo / One general a speak / King a Kingston guns dem nuh discreet,” the “Sufferer” artist chats using his inimitable acrobatic vocal range. While Busy Signal delivers lyrics like, “Gorilla nah guh deal with none a dem baboon yah / Dawg dem know mi head sick / It something more like brain tumor,” proving the undeniable artistic chemistry between the duo.



The two deejays have a longstanding relationship as Bounty Killer supported Busy Signal as an upcoming young artist. In fact, the “One More Night” singer has described him as “a bigger brother, a father.” They have also collaborated on other tracks, including 2010’s “Summn’ A Guh Gwaan” and 2019’s “Nuh Weh Nuh Safe.” But “Bang Bung” looks to be their best joint effort so far.

“This Is DANCEHALL at it’s FINEST!!!!! #BangBung,” wrote a fan in the comments section for the Warrior Films JA-directed visualizer, which was released on June 6 and shows the two artists performing in front of an abandoned building. Another added, “That’s the dancehall that we love and needed it [Jamaican flag, oncoming fist, fire emojis].” And a third triggered a heated exchange declaring, “With this song dancehall have hope of reviving,” to which another asked, “When did dancehall die for it to be revived?”


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In recent years, dancehall’s aesthetic has in fact changed immensely, either leaning towards the low-energy monotone sound of trap-hall—a fusion of dancehall and American trap music or echoing a lighthearted, vacation-friendly Afrobeats-soca hybrid. While these versions of the genre have been palatable, many famished fans would argue it’s simply not dancehall.

Hate it or love it, dancehall is raw. The lyrics are salacious and graphic. The subjects deal with the darker sides of ghetto life, like gun violence, corrupt politics, and poverty. It’s best enjoyed at often obnoxiously high volumes. And lastly, it makes you want to move, and by move, yes, we mean dance, but in the words of Konshens, it can also hype you to “Do Sum’n.” In essence, dancehall has the potential to ignite a fire in the soul.

So, in order to fully savor Busy Signal and Bounty Killer’s musical feast, apologize to your neighbors in advance for the noise, turn up the bass, and perhaps, have an extinguisher handy just in case the fire gets a bit too hot!

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